Monday, December 07, 2009

Men That Became Women

All these women were once men, and you can see the images before and after the gender change. It is really unbelievable. Some of these ladies look very beautiful and feminine, but some of them still have some male features.

April Ashley - Model, Entertainer, Socialite

Joan Roughgarden - Biologist

Dana International - Singer, Entertainer

Melanie Anne Phillips - TS Support-Site Authoress

Jan Morris - Writer

Sister Mary Elizabeth - Episcopal Nun

Nong Tum - Thai kick-boxing instructor

Leona Lo - Writer

Harisu - Model, Entertainer

Madeleine Williams - Systems Engineer

Cindy Thai Tai - Singer, songwriter, make-up artist

Yasmene Jabar - Homemaker

Nong Poy - Actress, model

Caroline 'Tula' Cossey - Actress

Leslie Townsend - Model, Comedienne, Author

Sara Kristine Becker - Family Physician, Gender Counselor

Donna Rose - IT Project Manager

Kate Kira - Biologist

Christine Beatty - Software engineer, writer

Kelly Van De Veer - Singer, Actress

Terry Noel - Showgirl

Sohini Bagchi - Artist and textile designer

Anna Taylor - A woman in stealth

Christine Jorgensen - Famous Transsexual Pioneer

Canary Conn - Writer, composer, singer

Phoebe Smith - Transsexual pioneer

Veronique Renard - Writer, Free-Tibet Activist

Jenny Hiloudaki - Model, Actress

Roberta Close - Model, Actress

Aleshia Brevard - Actress

Ha-Ri-Su - Model, Recording Artist

Source: ai.eecs
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Monkey Boy said...

i'm scared now

Austen Crowder said...

Why be scared? We're not dangerous, and we're not doing anything to ruin your world, We're just living our lives, same as you.

Unknown said...

Fck yourself Austen.

Anonymous said...

Veronique Renard looks pretty hot for a has-been-dude

Basara said...

Gergely you're a ignorant and a cunt.

Austen is right, those people aren't dangerous there is no reason to be scared of anything...

leoR said...

Too much IT guys gone over the otherside. I know we IT people have few women, but that's not the way to go. :)

Anonymous said...

Less scared, more aroused.

HunBuggerer said...

"Gergely" is a Hungarian name, and the Hungarians are the most intolerant people on the planet. I lived there for 7 years.

Funny side note: Gergely is pronounced "gair-GAY"...

Hex said...

It is not pronounced that way... lived there for 7 years and couldnt learn the language? shame.
Tolerance only works if the people are treated equal. if a group receives more rights than the other, its hard to be friendly and tolerant.

Peta said...


Who's receiving more rights? Transexuals are receiving less rights in this comment thread because of the way they're being treated by @Monkey Boy and @Gergely.

What are you trying to say?

Zoe Brain said...

At least one of those pictured are Intersexed. Not 46xx - usually female - or 46xy - usually male - but 47xxy.

And all of them were born neurologically female, no matter what the externals looked like. All of them originally had bodies where some bits conformed to a male stereotype, other bits to a female stereotype.

Rather than changing from male to female, they had their bodies changed to make them as consistent as medical science can at this point.

Some of the evidence:

Male-to-female transsexuals show sex-atypical hypothalamus activation when smelling odorous steroids by Berglund et al Cerebral Cortex 2008 18(8):1900-1908;

Male–to–female transsexuals have female neuron numbers in a limbic nucleus. Kruiver et al J Clin Endocrinol Metab (2000) 85:2034–2041

Sexual differentiation of the human brain: relevance for gender identity, transsexualism and sexual orientation. Swaab Gynecol Endocrinol (2004) 19:301–312.

A sex difference in the human brain and its relation to transsexuality. by Zhou et al Nature (1995) 378:68–70.

A sex difference in the hypothalamic uncinate nucleus: relationship to gender identity by Garcia-Falgueras et al Brain. 2008 Dec;131(Pt 12):3132-46.

Angel said...

Hey, I´m from Hungary.. People here just learn how to be tolerant - yes, in the 21st century..
Hungary have/had different history as Americans, or English, and were "cut" from the developing "west", so sometimes they have personal/historical interest in being intolerant. Of course, the people born after 1989-1990 are more "open".

Balázs said...

Tolerant hungarian here.
I have to agree, most hungarians are pretty much intolerant, I blame the fact that most of them are very religious, christians in particular. Most of them, if you ask them about why are they intolerant against gay people they say: because the bible says...

But please note that not every hungarian is intolerant.

I agree with Angel, the people here have a long way to go, but will improve eventually.

Anonymous said...

i am australian and my boyfriend is hungarian. we found these posts really interesting. i hate intolerance and am really proud that my man is not like that.... and he was born before 89! if you don't like looking at these pictures then don't look at them.

shifty said...

Hey, intolerant hungarian here.

First the scary part is that some of this changes could be convincing enough :)

Secondly, Zoe Brian (not against you) the data what you shared was quite interesting, but this only supports the fact that these guys are a freak of nature. Biologically f..ed up.
genetically doomed to be like this. I feel sory for them, I really do, its not their fault.

But PLEASE they dont have the right to pose, and actually lie to everyone, first themselves, and the people around them. they expect to treat them equally? If someone picks up a "chick" like this at a bar and eventually discovers the truth, 9 out of 10 of them freaks out, and with a reason! (I only feel sorry for the one sick bastard who doesn'T :) )

This is not a stupid reason to hate someone, like a religion, or skin color or nationality, those are just simply insane reasons to hate someone. These are simply disfunctional entities of a species.

Oh and HUNBoggerer: someone says something which doesnt reflects your opinion and your response is to claim he is gay? Really?

Unknown said...

nagyon jó hogy mindenki ilyen kurva okos,és elmondja miért legyünk toleránsak, de majd ha az ő gyerekét veri meg egy cigánygyerek meg veszi el a pénzét utána legyen toleráns.
A buziktól eltekintve....

Anonymous said...

So many gorgeous transsexuals !

Zoe Brain said...

Shifty - not so much "freaks of nature" as "natural variations". Like being left-handed, or having red hair.

Certainly compared to some of the rarer and more spectacular Intersex conditions, these women are quite humdrum.

If you want to see a "Freak of Nature", have a look at these un-photoshopped images. A protandrous dichogamous pseudohermaphrodite.

A woman born looking male, who underwent a very, very late and extraordinarily rapid puberty. We're still not sure what the causation is in that case. Most such changes (and they're really rare) happen over years, not months.

Anonymous said...

I think they're beautiful and brave.
And about the intolerance in hungary: most of the people are normal, but there are some, for example Gergely, who doesn't tolerate anybody, dont know when to shut up, annoying, and ruin the reputation of the whole country.
If you only met this kind of people I'm not suprised if you hate this place.
But there is my situation: I'm bisexual, and noone in my social environment had a problem with it.

Biscuit said...

iam hungarian, and i am tolerant too :)

Anonymous said...

I want to see your tolerance when your childrens see your neighbours, who dont know what is IT's sexually habit, or your family disturbed daily by "ethnic people" - and the cops/jury calls the deliquent "SIR" - who has rights BUT you don't have rigts to safeguard your own.
The gays have rights too closeing the capitol for a day, and I don't have right to trespass the city.
Thinkig about it before say verdict. Live here for a year, and you'll see what I say. If you can survive the gipsy neighbours...
Dou you hear about a teacher who whas linched by gipsies? The retired persons who had been robbed? And they had luck, if not killed them... Tolerance is a good idea, but for that needs to treat the people equally. If I stole a bike I will be prisoner, but if a gipy do that there is no detection.
I think safe living nowadays in Hungary like Harlem.
Welcome to wild east, my friend...

Anonymous said...

The picture of a Thai kick boxer is not the right one. The guy in the picture is just an actor who stars in the biography movie of this transsexual kick boxer.

Anonymous said...

to some guys i know, this could be an opportunity to improve what they look like :D

Anonymous said...

I don't care who sticks up for these things, they're still a threat to bar goers and our children. People with sexual problems (gender confusion being the worst of all) should be exocuted. Freaks.

daryl said...

Personally I would love the chance to date a transexual. I think some of these people Are amazing. I respect your courage and determination.

Anonymous said...

It's the world and it's changing. A lot of these guys that transitioned were probably really nice guys who couldn't get with a girl b/c they were nice guys. So they said screw it if I can't get with one I might as well see what it's like to be one. Thanks ladies you complain about the jerks you date, but never give any of the nice guys a chance. Looks like that nice guys are turning into your competition! So who gets the last laugh now?
Hiosta Vandelis

Anonymous said...

i like to have my two photos up there one day soon!

peru said...

You are very lacky to become beatiful woman.Girls are better than boys.Never become man again.

Noah ( nIkki) said...

All of these girls are very hot

Anonymous said...

Love this reply , go get 'em girl

Julierose said...

Everyone has they're own opinions and nobody is right. Or wrong for that matter. The human race as a whole growing slowly but surely and a couple generations from now transexuals will be a norm. Remember, honor thy neighbor doesn't mean you have to like them.

Pam Astrid Curran said...

I am afraid that the intolerence of the many outways the open-midedness of the few. These women are all to some degree or other very beautiful. They are however the same people in the before as in the after photos - don't berate them for altering their physical appearence to match their inner selves, they were beautiful people before their ops and remain beautiful.

As for the notion that they are just nice guys who couldn't get laid - per-lease! There isn't a single trannsexual of either direction (MtF or FtM) who doesn't go through the fires of hell before arriving at the heart wrenching decision to commit to drastic irreversable surgery to conform and to finally be themselves - I know because at 54 I have finally stepped out onto the path that will lead to my own personal completion.

I am not, however, a beauty but hope to remain a beautiful person and in completion become a beautiful woman

Anonymous said...

I kinda am attracted to these..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Don't be mad because a gypsy goes UN detected ... that just means they are better at stealing than you!!! Lol

Abrasive said...

Yes we shud be scared coz we don't want to find out that our wives are actually guys. And these people doesn't appreciate what god have made them as, I know they're naturally in love with I guys, same as me but I know the limits of a man

Anonymous said...

Yeah I think tg women are no different then gg they can even be more beautiful and feminine.

Anonymous said...

It is very ignorant to refer to transgendered people as ITS !zi am a transgendered male to female and re: Leandr R you are so wrong about the lack of women !! When I was a functional male , I could have satisfied any female and never had a complaint ! Little o you know that women sense m/f's and we have more relationships now than before !We are far from dangerous ! The only ones that see us as being dangerous are because they are turned on by our appearance and they start to question their own sexuality We are human beings and deserve to be treated as such !

Suzie said...

I will speak for myself as to why I am a male to female. We need to set one thing straight right now , it has got nothing to do with sex at all ! In my case , I was posed to estrogen before I even came into this world . back i9n the day , when mothers were having extremely hard and painful pregnancies, the drs, then would give them injections of estrogen ease the pain and to relax . It was not until years later , late 60's rly 70's that the AMA put a stop to a practice as they found it top feminize the fetus . The feminine traits would not start to show until around the age of 5. Mine had started exactly at the age of 5 !Back then drs did not know how to handle this so they would just have them continue to raise me as a male. This is not the road I would have chose to take, it was the hand I was dealt and I have to deal with it the best I can . I have never been happier since I started my transition !Never in my life have I ever had as many friends as I have now ! They see that I am very content and happy with who I am that they want to be friends with such a happy person !I never try to force myself to be accepted by anyone , including family ! If someone did not accept me I never said anything , I just leave them alone, if they spoke , I would return conversation , but I would not go out of my way to try to deceive anyone. We are no threat to anyone and deserve to be happy as any one else !

dale said...

it must be nice to be red of that ugley wee wee and balls

Anonymous said...

My only comment is everyone has a right to be who and what they want to be.

dwk said...

Amazes me that someone can leave their partner after so many years because 'they found out' They were perfectly happy before, the only difference is....knowledge! I find most of those pictured very feminine and attractive. Would have no problem being with them

Unknown said...

Completly off topic but I noticed the Hungarians got mentioned and I must say I love your bows

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to butt in, but I'm intersex female and I've never been happy with who I am!
What I can't understand is why be negative and judgemental towards other? Ever try to look in the mirror, to me "guys" who point the finger towards us, well society will see that anyone who points the figure and judges us IS questioning their own asexuality in more ways than one.
Researchers know for a fact say, men who look at transgender or transsexuals or even intersex won't admit to themselves or others and admit they are attracted to us, instead those "straight boys" will lie and say "hell no", but when no ones around they will say" come over or can I come over and check you out ". Guys be aware how you think and what your responses are on here. Most guys have been with one of us or a lot of us, but there afraid of how others might see them. Why do you think trans-woman and intersex women get murdered everyday. God loves everyone, if he didn't trans and intersex woman wouldn't be walking on earth today. God made us the way we are. Thank you Lady Gaga for the song you wrote for us, " we were born this way". Love you women!!!!

Unknown said...

You cannot change your gender. It's a childish wish. You can scold people for telling you this, but the truth remains. I will tolerate your existence, but no sir, or no mam, you may not have my sanity.

kenna said...

how can i find women who wants to femminize me into a women