Thursday, December 24, 2009

Microwaved Xbox 360 for Sale on eBay

Kenny Irwin is a an American artist who microwaves stuff, using the AMIR 9000 microwaving robot, to create weird-looking art pieces. In the past he’s been known to nuke a fully functional Nintendo wii and now he’s done it again using Microsoft’s console.

Except for the creepy prosthetic eyes that the artist applied himself, it’s all 100% microwaved Xbox 360 Elite and it can be yours for the symbolic price of $31,002! That’s right folks, $31 K for a broken gaming system, but at least you’ll be the proud owner of the world’s only microwaved Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite. Now this is what I call a bargain!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry , but that is just flat RETARDED

Anonymous said...

finally, xbox's real face is revealed. that console is an abomination. PS3 FTW!!!