Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Russian Mi-26 Helicopter

With the "biggest, most powerful helicopter ever to have gone into production"—Wikipedia says. Here you have the mythical Russian Mi-26 sling-loading and taking away a NATO AS532 Cougar, hit in battle in Afghanistan.

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dvestv said...

That's great ever I saw. That's fantastic one. Hope we have that in our country too.

Get Info Here said...

Oh yeah! it's a world record again. But there still another better than that later on.

MktgCliks said...

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Unknown said...

Hey its a very nice post, My father is in army and it is a 30-ton Mi-26 helicopter, operated on a NATO contract by the Moldovan firm Pecotox Air, was hovering with a load of supplies near the town of Sangin in southern Afghanistan on July 14, when Taliban fighters fired on it with a heavy damaged.

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