Friday, January 29, 2010

Pandora-Like Disappearing Sea Plant

In the movie Avatar, there is a plant that disappears into the ground the instant it’s touched. The good news for those afflicted with Pandora Depression it that we have a similar plant organism, right here on Earth! The Sea Pen (a soft coral) expels water from its body when touched, so as to avoid being eaten.

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Girls from Moscow Night Clubs

Moscow is one of the most popular sex destinations in Europe. This place is notorious for its strip clubs and its unbelievably gorgeous girls. Moscow is the capital of the world’s biggest country, situated in the centre of the European part of Russia. Is one of the oldest and most beautiful Russian cities but is also the epicenter of New Russia and everything that it represents.

This city has got a lot in store for those who love night life. Once dowdy and uninspired city, now has become a bustling center for tourism and entertainment, attracting travelers from all over the world. After communism fall the city opened its doors to the world and Moscow nightlife is the most exciting and unbridled in Europe. One thing is for sure though, there are a vast array of nightlife options available, to any person of any age with any taste.

There are hundreds of nightclubs and entertainment centers but only some of them are worth a visit.

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