Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Amazing Body Painting Art By Craig Tracy

When done properly, body painting is one of the most fascinating types of art forms.

Born and Raised in New Orleans, LA, USA, Craig Tracy decides what to paint when he sees the model's body, using their shape as an inspiration for ideas. Sometimes he takes two days to plan before applying the first splash of paint. Once he figures that out, he spends up to nine hours painstakingly applying water-based paint to his volunteers' bodies before photographing them in unique poses. Some of his creations are so complex it’s difficult to work out where the bodies start and the background begins.

"I personally didn't take Bodypainting seriously for five or six years. The day that I finally asked myself ‘why’, why I liked painting on people so much, that led me to... Well,,, What if I take this passionate interest seriously? That one question and a quick Google search changed the course of my life." - Craig Tracy.

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