Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dayton Webber - The Limbless Warrior

11-year-old Dayton Webber is a true inspiration. He lost his hands and legs when he was just 11-months-old, due to a life-threatening infection in his body. But for him, the absence of limbs didn’t mean he couldn’t live a perfectly normal life. Armed with ambition and will to succeed, Dayton took on sports other perfectly healthy people can’t do.

Both Dayton’s parents say they never pushed him to do anything, it was always his idea to try new things. These days he competes for the The Rampage Westling Team, in Waldorf, rides a skateboard, ice-skates, drives go-karts and even plays video-games like Madden NFL.

Other boys are surprised when they first meet him, especially in wrestling matches, but they soon find out he’s a worthy adversary. What Dayton can do physically he compensates in willpower. When asked what happened to his hands and feed, he simply answers “it’s no big deal”. For more details visit, washingtonpost.

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Coz said...

What a brave boy. Thanks for sharing this group of wonderful pictures. It touched me deeply!

cosplay said...

No sadness, no pity,no blaming on fate. I saw only love, courage and optimism. God bless him!

Anonymous said...

there's just one thing that bothers me about this kid.

how. does. he. pee. ????