Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Liberia: West Point, The Worst Slum Ever!

Eager to see what the UN and Liberian government are actually doing, VBS meets up with a local journalist who plops us down in the center of West Point, the worst slum in Liberia. Without any modern plumbing, the people of West Point have taken to using the beach as a dump and giant outhouse.

The area smells like, well, a dump and a giant outhouse, and it goes without saying that residents’ More..health suffers a whole host of issues. Here we also happen on a young Liberian rapper, who gives us a couple verses about the scourge of Africa: AIDS.

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Anonymous said...

Fundamentally this is heartbreaking, but come on... the guy said it himself: "1st basic rule is don't shit where you eat". You can't help people who can't help themselves. They are walking around doing NOTHING, yet they have enough strength to endlessly fuck apparently because there are kids EVERYWHERE.

Kids the parents can't afford to feed or raise, but yeah, let's have more sex to create more kids (oh and there's that pesky AIDS thing, too). Come on, this isn't lack of education, this is common sense. Even animals know how many babies to have. I just can't have a bleeding heart for a group of people who have energy for sex and drugs and spreading AIDS and poverty, but not enough to avoid literally crapping where they eat, live, etc.

Anonymous said...

You obviously approached this video with a very distorted view of the world. These people are living in an ongoing cycle of marginalization and oppression. Which has direct links to us sitting here in our heated houses, with high speed internet and laptops. Do you honestly just expect some magic power to come over West Point and change it? The very words you use to describe these people are derogatory and crass.

When you are a young child with no mother, no father and are surrounded by poverty and violence do you expect to just grow up into a this "rose that grew from the concrete"? That is all these people have ever known. Drugs, sex and violence are around them all the time and 99.9% of them are helpless in the situation. They feel like there is no way out, which quite frankly, there really isn't as devastating as that is. An early death at 25 or 30 due to an overdose, aids or murder may not be the worst thing in their minds. This video is meant for you to think critically about the injustices in the world. Not as a ring for you to throw punches at people with barely a fiber of hope or happiness left. The world can only start to remedy these situations when we look internally at the disparity between our lives and those in the third world. You approached the situation from a conservative, apolitical view and I can only wish you the best in changing your outlook and understanding that we are a large interconnected web of people. Show compassion for change rather than defend our privileged lifestyle.