Friday, February 26, 2010

Train VS Flood

This flood was no match for this train. Lets go surfing! This video footage was shot in Bueno Aires.

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35 Hottest Women Of Wrestling

Professional wrestling isnt that just a bunch of oily dudes rolling around in their underwear? Well, yes, but thankfully the minds behind the scenes have found a way to make it a little more hetero to watch it by the addition of some seriously gorgeous babes. Yes, now the women of wrestling have just as high a profile as the men, with the "divas" or "knockouts" as they are called grabbing their share of the airtime and fanbase. In this article, I will introduce you to some of the hottest women of the wrestling business, past and present, so you can get on the bandwagon yourself.

Brooke Adams

Terri Runnels

Maria Kanellis

Melina Perez


Bella Twins


Molly Holly

Mickie James

Joy Giovanni

Christy Hemme



Jillian Hall

Kimberly Page

Kristal Marshall


Lillian Garcia

Karen McDougal

Kelly Kelly

Dawn Marie

Ashley Massaro

Alicia Fox

Carmella Decesare

Candice Michelle

Stephanie McMahon

Eve Torres

Gail Kim

Michelle McCool


Rebecca DiPietro

Miss Elizabeth

Torrie Wilson

Trish Stratus

Stacy Keibler
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Scary Soccer Mascots

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Controversial French Anti-Smoking Ad

A provocative anti-smoking ad campaign featuring teens in a subservient sexual position has sparked a storm of controversy in France, with the country's family minister calling Wednesday for the advertisements to be banned.

The ad, sponsored by the Association for Nonsmokers' Rights, features a teenage boy who could be construed to be performing oral sex on a man in a suit, except the teen has a cigarette in his mouth. A caption reads, "Smoking means being a slave to tobacco." There are two other ads in the same vein, one featuring an adolescent girl.

The leader of the organization behind the campaign acknowledged the ads were meant to shock and said such provocative campaigns were the only way to reach young people.

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15 Things You Should Know About Breasts

There's not much more to say about this infographic other than that it presents 15 things you should know about breasts, which, in some form or another, are really important to the entire population of the world.

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The Most Disturbing Handbag Ever

I can’t believe there are people who would actually buy this sort of hand bag. In my opinion it is not cute at all, if that was the original idea, but it is deeply disturbing and I can’t bare looking at it.

It looks like some sick taxidermist killed, shaved and stuffed some poor puppy and then made a handbag out of it. There are even signs of Louis Vuitton over the bag. Maybe it was made as some sort of protest against using real animal leather in making handbags, but I couldn’t find any info about it on internet.

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