Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Big Sandy Shoot

Every year, the Big Sandy Shoot draws in hundreds of shooter from all over the world, for what is known as the “largest shoot”.

The Big Sandy Shoot is a bi-annual event, held in the western desert of Arizona, where you can shoot your heart out for three straight days. Featuring a 1500 foot firing line, 1200 yard maximum range, over 1000 reactive targets and aerial targets, this is one shooting exhibition you don’t want to miss, if you’re into this stuff.

Machine-guns, gatling guns, bazookas, and pretty much every other type of weapon ever invented can be found at the Big Sandy Shoot. Shooters have to fork out $230 ($200 if reserved in advance) to participate and spectators just $25. Both have to sign a release waiver stating they enter the shooting range at their own risk.

The average 3.5 million rounds fired at the Big Sandy Shoot certify it as the world’s biggest shooting event. I can’t say that impresses me much and regarding the safety, seeing women and kids handling deadly equipment isn’t very reassuring.

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Sarah said...

What the fuck is wrong with women using guns? Seriously, women and children are not the same things, y'know, women being grown adults who can understand gun safety.
Or was that line an attempt to be funny? It was retarded.

You should probably just post pics and leave the commentart out of it.

Anonymous said...

Women are not as strong as men in most cases. I have seen hundreds of videos where women fail to properly hold a weapon after they pull the trigger. The weapon can discharge in to a crowed of spectators. The odds are little for that to happen, but the chance of it happening to women are greater then men.

Tim said...

C'mon now kids! Tempers! Now go outside and settle this like MEN; shoot each other.

The folks in these photos are simply exercising their constitutional rights to be total douche bags!

I'm pretty sure that this event doubles as the bi-annual Micro-Penis Round up.

Unknown said...

Oh, Anonymous, you strike again. I, again, say I know why you don't identify yourself. You wouldn't want to publicly admit your social, sexual, political and psycho-emotional inadequacies. "Women not as strong as men"? They shouldn't shoot guns? You do realize that the year is 2010? Women vote, so do black people, women and gays (oh my!) are in the military. Take a deep breath, count your blessings and since it is obvious you are a Christian, re-read the teachings of Jesus. He was one really compassionate, kind man.