Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brazilian Underwear Day 2010

Scantily clad models showed up at malls, bus stations and on the streets of Brazil, as part of the celebrations for Brazilian Underwear Day.

The event took place on February 9, and was organized by Brazilian fashion website Finissimo. The models, both male and female, showed off their underwear in the most crowded places, to attract as many views as possible.

I know it sounds meaningless, but there’s more to Underwear Day, than beautiful models and plain fun. Style consultant Maria Thereza Laudares explains the aim of this national event: “The aim of the National Underwear Day is to make people recognize the importance of these garments left unseen, but which are the first to be put on and the last to be taken off.”

She’s got a point there, and since this is the fourth edition of Brazilian Underwear Day, people seem to be responding positively.

Pictures: Reuters
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Tim said...

Looks like a perverts wet dream!

Clever Idea Widgetry said...

Let there be no mistake, Brazil is better than wherever you are from.

Manny Amadi said...

looks a great idea....harmless fun!

Anonymous said...

I’ am from Mars. Women are from Venus.

Sarah said...

nothin beats brazilian fashion week featuring their famous brazilian bikini bums :)