Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ice House Detroit

Glittering bright and white in the winter sun is the Ice House at 3920 McClellan on Detroit’s east side. The interestingly made beautiful structure is seen drawing a lot of crowd these days. Gregory Holm, a photographer, along with architect Matthew Radune came up with an innovative idea of enclosing an abandoned house in ice. After keeping their project secretive for many weeks, the duo finally unveiled it over the weekend.

Making an extraordinary view for the visitors, the double-story home has thick icicles stretching nearly from the roof’s edge to the ground like frozen vines on one side. The project was undertaken to highlight the foreclosed homes in the Detroit area. Old furniture, books on a table placed inside make an interesting view. To give the house this creative and stunning transformation, the duo leased the house by striking a deal with the Michigan Land Bank. A lot of creativity and imagination has gone into making this amazing Ice House look like what it does.

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