Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tiny Real-Life Version of Flying Dragon from Avatar

This little creature has features similar to that of Toruk, a fierce airborne predator almost impossible to tame. You'll see photos of its mini version in nature. Who knows, maybe Cameron was inspired by this little beast.

A Reddit user by the name of Biophilia_curiosus posted a few photos that he took in Indonesia. They show an amazing species of gliding lizard which basically looks like a miniature dragon. Fans of the film Avatar will be reminded of the flying Toruks

The crazy part is that those lines you see running through the wings like veins are actually its ribs! Evolution did a number on these guys. They can expand and contract their chests at will to glide great distances. We were only able to catch females as they were laying their eggs. All we could do is watch as the males soared overhead.

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Anonymous said...

why is all wildlife compared to creatures from Avatar now? no, in fact Turuk from Avatar was not influenced by this lizzard. just because they both have wings doesn't mean they're similar. and their body shape and color patterns are nothing alike either.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon,

NPR aired an episode of Fresh Air yesterday. James Cameron was interviewed and said that many of the creatures and plants were borrowed from nature more-or-less intact.

I'm not defending the film; I didn't even like it. But I'm just saying that it's not improbable...

Anonymous said...

Oh wow this is pretty cool. It does resemble the creature from Pandora but it by itself is pretty awesome.