Wednesday, March 24, 2010

32 Brilliant Painted Hands in Advertising

I’m definitely noticing a trend with hands being used as a canvas for art and for advertising. What could be the underlying impetus for this wave? Inspired by body art in general, tattoo art? Do hands add a more “human” touch to the product presentation? Whatever the inspiration behind this trend, I like it.

Here are a few such advertisements that are sure to get your attention. And the minute we saw these advertisements, we remembered 'Hand Painting Art' created by Guido Daniele.

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gih said...

That's AMAZING!!!

Will said...

all very cool stuff! But if your article is about hand PAINTING why are the purell and samsung ones in there?

quaeno said...

I think some of them are painted on hands because the ads are for hand related concepts.

Dorothy Bellisario said...

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