Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Children of Celebrities

So many of our favorites were spotted spending time with their children outdoors.

Jim Carrey and his Daughter Jane

Danny DeVito and his daughter Lucy

Madonna and her daughter Lourdes

Robin Williams and his daughter Zelda

Ethan Hawke and son Levon Roan

Jack Nicholson with son Raymond

Jack Nicholson with daughter Lorraine

Jeff Gordon and his Daughter Ella Sophia

David Bowie and son Duncan

Susan Sarandon and Mayalls

Alec Baldwin's daughter Ireland

Kim Basinger and daughter Ireland

Dustin Hoffman and daughter Alexandra

Michael Douglas and son Cameron

John Travolta and daughter Ella

Andy Garcia and Dominic Garcia

Teri Hatcher and his daughter Emerson

Bruce Willis and daughters

Sean Diddy Combs and son Justin

Tom Cruise and son Connor

Glenn Close and daughter Starke

Brooke Shields and daughter Grier

Melanie Griffith and son Jesse Johnson

Lionel Richie and daughter

Kevin Bacon and daughter Sosie

Courtney Love and Daughter Frances Bean

David Hasselhoff and daughter Hayley

Richard Gere and son Gomer

Melania Trump and her son Baron

Melissa Joan Hart and son Mason

Tony Shalhoub and daughter

Michelle Pfeiffer and children

Jamie Foxx and his daughter

Lisa Kudrow and her son Julian

Diana Ross and children

Liv Tyler

George Lopez and daughter

Olivia Newton-John and daughter Chloe Lattanzi

Vanna White and children

Denise Richards and daughter Sam

Francis Ford Coppola and daughter Sofia Coppola

Hugh Michael Jackman and his family

Toni Braxton and her son

Ray Liotta and daughter Karsen

Arnold Schwarzenegger and son Patrick

Sean "Diddy" Combs and his son Christian

Samuel L. Jackson and his daughter Zoey

O.J. Simpson and daughter Arnell

Gwen Stefani and son Kingston

Julie Andrews and daughter Emma Walton

David Beckham and son Brooklyn

Jet Li and his daughter Jane

Will Smith and his family

Anne Heche and son

Sylvester Stallone and daughter Rose

Kobe Bean Bryant and daughter Natalia

Lenny Kravitz and daughter Zoe

Rob Reiner and son

Sally Margaret Field and her son

Kathie Lee Gifford with daughter Cassidy

George Walton Lucas and daughter Katie
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Anonymous said...

Richard Gere's son Gomer seems like he is saying "get off me pervert!!" George Lucas seems to be thinking "god! Why does my daughter have to look like a hippo"

Anonymous said...

psst : teri hatcher and HIS daughter... ???
(ever seen photo's of cindy crawford kids ??? - wow....)

Anonymous said...

all i can say is "WOW. celebrities have the ugliest children!" george lucas' daughter is a perfect example of rich and lazy.

Anonymous said...

So now we know where George Lucas got the idea of Jabba the hut from.

vizioxvt472sv said...

Madonna and her daughter Lourdes look good

gih said...

How nice. A happy and sweet families.

Anonymous said...

George Lucas needs to have a chat with his daughter before they go out... It should go something like this...
George: "Honey, are you sure that's what you want to wear?"
George: "Sweetie, I love you very much, but just because they make it in your size doesn't mean you should wear it."
Katie: "MMM... TWINKIE! Me hun-gee, Dada!"
George: "OK baby, go take the poles out of the tent and put it on. Then, we'll go to Dairy Queen."
Katie: "Me like Blizzard! GOHM GHOM GHOM!"
George: "Oh, look at you now. You look so much better with 48 years of fabric on... OK, let's go get you some ice cream, bacon, and chilled sugary lard."
Katie: "Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream! ME WANT CAKE! GAHRGGG!"

Anonymous said...

What's up with the Michelle Pfeiffer picture? Why's that guy molesting her son/daughter/he-she in the picture? It just looks creepy how that guy is caressing the young androgenous child's bosom...

caín said...

George Walton Lucas and daughter jabba the hud

Anonymous said...

[What's up with the Michelle Pfeiffer picture? Why's that guy molesting her son/daughter/he-she in the picture? It just looks creepy how that guy is caressing the young androgenous child's bosom...]

lol, Hey, that's his own son.

Anonymous said...

Richard Gere's son is named Homer not Gomer.

Anonymous said...

I like how Puff Daddy has two of the same pic up and it says son justin in one and son christian in the other. niiice.

Anonymous said...

Re: "Celebrities have the ugliest children" and the awful things said about George Lucas' daughter. Exactly how many "children" are there on this forum?

What a sad and pathetic excuse we are as humans sometimes, it's so very easy to sit behind a computer and slam people that you know absolutely NOTHING about, but just because I (or they) can't "see you" doesn't mean others can't.

Beauty is most certainly "in the eye of the beholder", but it seems just like the Bible says, "the heart is deceitful above all things" (Jeremiah 17:9). For instance, how would any of you going off on his daughter know for certainly, that this girl has a 'eating problem'? I've heard of young children being on 'steroids' which causes them to gain weight, so can 'you' say for sure what it is?
Would 'you' like it if someone sitting at a computer said such hateful things about your child(ren) or someone else that 'you' loved or cared about? It's so easy to say such nasty things when it's not hitting you in the face, but I can make you a guarantee that what 'you've' said about these children WILL MOST CERTAINLY come back around to you. When it does, will you PLEASE come back to this post and give us the lovely destructive details on what they said about your child(ren), or someone else that you know so that we can laugh along with you?

Please get a life folks, and move on to less destructive and stupid behavior, for one day you will reap what you've sown.
A concerned parent.

Preta said...

Crazy comments posted about other peoples children, especially the one about George Lucas' daughter. Does 'fat' always mean over-eating, because I know people who take meds that make them blow up, but I guess you'd say the same thing about them huh?

Shuntaa Davis said...

pdiddy's son is very handsome & will and his family looks good together ! katie need to loose weight asap or wear things that fit for her..#jus sayin! :)

Anonymous said...

P'-Diddy's kid is very handsome. &will smith's family looks very awesome together ! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the teri hatcher and HIS daughter part I was really confused for a minute. And I didnt even know some of the people on here had kids let alone older kids!!!! They are good at keeping it on the DL I guess.

Anonymous said...

Let them get a life..."a load is a load"...and i am so sick and tired of hearing these loads with "thyroid problems? or caused by unhappy home life...that I could throw up...let them look in the mirror and make a change...start by skipping the Ben and Jerrys and twinkies...and get off the couch and computer...you and they will be surprised at the results! Been there done that........

Anonymous said...

I agree that NO ONE has the right to make nasty comments about anyone. Look in the mirror first and ask yourself if you are so perfect. Even if your parent is famous does not mean you will be perfect. Those people that make cruel comments are the same people who make fun of handicap or anyone that is different. What if someone made fun of your child?
I thought the pics were neat.

Anonymous said...

Making comments about someones weight is not cool. I was overweight in high school and I was bullied for it. I would get comments from my family members. I developed an eating disorder where I ate little but exercised a lot. I lost 20 kilos within a few months and when I fell pregnant thats when the problem started because I had to eat but didn't feel hungry at all. My mum would force me to eat whatever even if it mean't junk food. All i can remember are the nasty comments made by people and it made me feel depressed. If you continue to make comments like that then you are contributing to someone else's low self esteem possibly depression. To those making the comments I wouldn't talk if I we're you. I bet you're just as bad.

Anonymous said...

Richard Gere's son is named HOMER not GOMER. You also have P.Diddy on here with the same picture and kid...and you identify the kid as Justin in one photo and Christian in another. Also...Teri Hatcher is a female, not a male.

Wow. Talk about sloppy 'reporting.'

Anonymous said...

Francis Bean looks soooo much like Kurt! <3

Anonymous said...

Look at all the people around us who are not celebrities and how ugly those kids are. I'm not sticking up for celebrities by the way. Just saying lotsa ugly people out there.

Gina said...

The reality is that George Lucas' daughter is fat and doesn't look good. I know ppl are upset from the nasty comments but everyone has a right to their opinions. I'm not mean or anything like that but she does look disgusting. I'm sorry to offend ppl. She needs help to lose that weight 4 real.

Gina said...

I understand ppl being angered by ppl who leave ugly comments about these famous ppl and their children. Cuz I can feel ya/ But the reality is that George Lucas's daughter needs to go on a serious diet or loss weight with the help of a doctor. When I say the photo of his daughter I thought OMG. That's so disgusting. Sorry I'm offending ppl. But we all have a right to our opinions whether you like them or not.

David Merritt said...

Granted opinions and
rights are each his own.
But you know that
beauty is inside and
we can't know what
they are inside.So
that leaves us to
only assume and u
know what that does
make you..

Anonymous said...

where did Denise Richard's boobs go?

Anonymous said...

Ignorance yeah that pretty much sums it up. People can have opnions without being rude. Ugly on the inside is far worse then being unattractive. Mean people really do suck! And as for my opnion iw thonk all of these familys are beautiful.

Joni Richards said...

OK...George Lucas' daughter could stand to lose some pounds, but so could most Americans. The problem I have with her is that dress! Tight satin on a fat body is not cute. You can see the print of her navel!! If you're big and you're ok with being big, just dress to suit your size. And you skinny people, stop being so mean. Everybody is not going to be small or in shape or fit. Not saying every
body can't be...just saying everybody's not GONNA be.

Anonymous said...

That fat sister is gonna get all the money from Star Wars so I guess she gets the last laugh. Munter!

Anonymous said...

Why do white celebs adopt black children but black celebs don't adopt white children? Do these white celebs think they are proving something?

Anonymous said...

Why do white celebs adopt black children but black celebs don't adopt white children? Do these white celebs think they are proving something?