Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Largest Ice Labyrinth in the World

This ice maze was built for the winter festival in Buffalo, USA is officially, the world’s largest. A representative from Guinness World Records confirmed the title Friday after measuring the 12,855.68-square-foot labyrinth.

Volunteers set the last of the 2,200, 300-pound blocks of ice in place Thursday night, in time for the 2010 Buffalo Powder Keg Winter Festival. Their total weight is about 600,000 pounds.

The old world record for an ice maze was set in 2005 when the 8,280-square-foot Pontiac Ice Maze was constructed in Toronto.

City authorities are worried about the possibility of a flood in case this labyrinth begins to melt. That is why a few powerful water pumps are built nearby. Take a look at these photos, just don’t lose your way back ;)

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amadi_construction said...

thats COOL!

Adman said...

Way too cool, way too much free time