Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunken Yacht Prank

I wouldn’t be pleased at all if that happened to my boat.. Look how it occurred after the break.

Actually, this was made on purpose, to play prank. But I guess, coast guards or any other rescue teams wouldn’t be delighted to find out that it’s only a joke.. I know I wouldn’t.

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blog for steveLi said...

wow,i'm Captain

Anonymous said...

I'm on a boat

gih said...

Really sinking? Or just the design.

Random Fun Pics said...

boat fault may be ..?

Anonymous said...

Definitely a case of too much money
and too much free time!

It is almost so bad that 911(or 112,999 depending where) would
have to add a message. "If you are
calling about the sunken yacht, please hang up and stop being gullible!"