Tuesday, April 06, 2010

45 Celebrity Whale Tails

Celebrities such as the ones below are largely responsible for the popularity of the whaletail and bringing whale tail thongs to the public.

We have collected 45 of the hottest celebrity whale tail shots we could find and listed them below.

Heidi Klum

Cameron Diaz

Eliza Dushku

Anna Kournikova

Adriana Lima

Alicia Whit

Alyssa Milano

Ashley Tisdale

Bai Ling

Blake Lively

Britney Spears

Charlize Theron

Christina Milian

Courtney Cox

Danielle Aykroyd

Estella Warren

Eva Mendes


Gisele Bundchen

Hayden Panettiere

Jennifer Garner

Jessica Alba

Jodie Foster

Joss Stone

Kelly Brook

Kristin Cavallari

Lauren Pope

Leighton Meester

Mary Kate Olsen

Mischa Barton

Nicole Richie

Paris Hilton

Paula Abdul


Rosanna Arquette

Tara Reid

Tori Spelling

Uma Thurman

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Hervey
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Random Fun Pics said...

This All Celebrities or hot but i love Rihanna, She is so Hot ..!

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pifko said...

Uma thurman is sexy in these white pants! Good post.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

I love the Ashley tisdale thong photo she's very hot and sexy