Monday, April 05, 2010

Cheap Fake Brands

It is well-known that fake brands are rampant in some countries sold at unreasonably low prices. Foreign companies have frequently complained of trademark violation.

China has confirmed itself as the 'king of counterfeiters' with the building of a new shopping centre dedicated to fake brands.

Some of the brand impostors at the mall in Nanjing, east of Shanghai, include a McDonalds look-a-like burger bar called McDnoald’s, a Starbucks-style coffee shop called Bucksstar Coffee, and a wannabe Pizza Hut called Pizza Huh.

City bosses are under pressure to ban the soon-to-be opened mall after pictures of the fake stores were leaked, causing uproar amongst angry consumers who feared they'd be ripped off.

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Anonymous said...

Special Man and Super Bat FTW!!

gih said...

HaHa.. This is rediculous.

Anonymous said...

That "Fuma" instead of "Puma" is not as much a cheap copy but a pun instead. It's the portuguese word for "smoke" (verb) and as we see the leopard is smoking...