Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Dumbest Tax Day Signs

These are the opinions expressed by some Americans on Tax Day no matter how unusual these signs might sound to you.

Here are forty of the dumbest Tax Day signs that people were weilding on April 15.

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Anonymous said...

If you are going to make this blog political I will stop visiting everyday.

I come here to laugh not to be insulted.... I am a conservative and agree with most of these people... If you don't agree with it thats fine, don't label us as "dumb" in fact a recent study was done saying that members of the tea party are typically more educated than the opposition. so stop hating!!!

Anonymous said...

Nobody is forcing you to visit dumbass!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, there are a lot of sheep like you that need to be tended, fed, and sheltered by others.
Your mortgage problems are yours, not the taxpayers.
Yup, that cute white dog is mine.
There must have been a distinct carelessness in your upbringing if you think others are obligated to take care of you.
You also should be ashamed of using images from other people without their permission.
Theft must be in the mindset of the left.
Joe Grossinger

Anonymous said...

hell, now conservatives are invading. From my point of view, these tea baggers are nothing but.....i don't know, idiots! (Proofs are above) Changes need to be slow and steady. And Obama is doin' a good job already, give him some times, it is just merely his first year, you expected him to change the economy and other messed up stuffs from the Bush regime over night ? Get real

nanfred85 said...

I'm a healthcare professional , & , an Independent. The new (so-called) health care law is a disaster . It does NOTHING to bend the cost curve, & , is full of accounting gimmicks. I support the Tea Party's objective of smaller Government , adherence to the Constitution, & , fiscal responsibility. I will be voting Republican in the Fall !