Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kick-boxing Orangutans in Thailand

Fights take place at Safari World Theme Park in Bangkok, Thailand. There are even orangutan ring girls, who look almost like human ring girls. 6 years ago the company, that arranges the fights was banned, but now it's operating again. Some people think it's cruel, other think it's funny.

Organization "Borneo Orangutan Survival" says that those animals are illegally brought from Indonesia, they can harm each other during the fights and after being rescued they can't live a normal life because they fear almost everything.

It’s important to understand that orangutans are endangered. Wild species can be found only in Malaysia and Indonesia rainforests.

Source: telegraph
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Anonymous said...

The poor orang utans! I actually went to Safari World and saw the orang utans' act. I didn't enjoy it at all. The poor creatures looked utterly wretched.

I read on PETA’s blog that zoo animals are miserable creatures. They are painfully trained by cruel means such as whipping, denial of food, etc, to perform these circus tricks and in fact, do not enjoy it at all. Let us boycott the Safari World! Chimpanzees are intelligent and sensitive, and to torture them as such for the entertainment of zoo visitors is unacceptable!


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