Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Wet Monday in the Ukraine

Wet Monday is an annual event held in the Ukrainian city of Lviv. Known as an ancient tradition, in central-European countries like Poland and the Czech Republic, Wet Monday appears to be very popular in Ukraine, as well. It takes place on the second day of Easter

Wet Monday started out, in Poland,as a pagan custom that symbolize cleansing, with the coming of Spring. When Christianity became the main religion, Wet Monday was adopted as a Christian ritual, related to cleansing souls of sins. The truth is people loved this tradition so much, they found a way to keep it, by associating it with religion.

On Wet Monday. boys and men armed with bottles and buckets of water, chase after girls and splash them from head to toe. According to the original custom, the most beautiful girl in a village would be the wettest, but nowadays, boys just splash any girl they see. At one point, the tradition got so out of hand that boys threw buckets of water, at girls, threw their car windows.

With the current water shortage the world is facing right now, some would say this is a terrible waste, but the boys with water bottles wouldn’t dream of abandoning this ancient tradition. just look at those happy faces.

Image Credit: Yurko Dyachyshyn
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Anonymous said...

felt sorry for the muslim girl -

KurtMac said...

Culture or not, that is completely stupid, mean and immature. It looks like I'll be sure to keep my tourism dollars out of the Ukraine.

Poussière d'Ambre said...

Seriously, this is just horrible O_O Imagine all the things they have in their bags... Farewell, cellphone! Farewell, notebook!

Anonymous said...

did the 13th girl wear no underwear??!?? what a pic u have!! :)

Anonymous said...

disgusting! this is literally harassment! what would you feel if this happened to you? in some photos you can clearly see a girl crying and a man being attacked (he probably tried to intervene). i can only imagine how many mobile phones and other electronic devices were ruined that day. and the cops do nothing. just shows what a messed up backwards country Ukraine is.

Anonymous said...

Where do you see a muslim girl here?? :) Anyway, this holiday used to be fun, when girls dressed to get wet and boys didn't attack girls. Only those girls were (not soaked, but) sprinkled who agreed to get wet. I don't know how this works or used to work in Ukraine, but this is definitely not the way we have been celebrating Easter Monday.

Z said...

Oh, yes, those girls totally agreed to get wet. Look at those happy faces, like on the 5. picture. Or that girl, busting out with joy on the 6. image, getting some more water on pic #15.
Or the obviously happy girl, who is trying to wave to that boy on pic #17. Or is she trying to slap him?
And pic #21 portrays a very peaceful easter tradition, which involves kicking people in their hips.
Well, and the last three images clearly show that the girls were "not soaked, but sprinkled".

Anonymous said...

I guess you might have misunderstood the post. The guy said USED TO BE. That means, it was that way once, but now it isn't. So it was fun to get a bit wet, if one agreed to, etc.

Z said...

Oops, you're right. I guess I was quicker to write than careful to read :)
Anyways, we in Hungary still do this "the old way". Everybody dresses in celebrational clothes, men and boys visit women and girls, tell them some traditional and/or funny verses and ask for their permission.
If the women agree, then they are sprinkled, or nowadays rather sprayed with a puff of perfume, and give painted eggs to men and chocolate eggs to boys.

Anonymous said...

I was about to pack up and move to Ukrania until I found out this was only once a year.

Now, if it was every Monday, I'd be sold for life!

Anonymous said...

I recon they should introduce a new custom "Shit Tuesday" where the girls are allowed to wipe shit into the faces of any male that took part in "Wet Monday" activities.

That would make for some entertaining photos.

Anonymous said...

I think it may be against one's like or interest as such I dislike to visit the place