Thursday, May 13, 2010

20 Ugliest Dogs Ever

Doggies shown here are probably loved by their owners. But they look so pitiful and hilarious, I can’t stop laughing :)

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MyShilohRanch said...

These poor babies ... ugly is NOT their worst problem.
Most of them are blind and have seriously sensitive skin that hurts and/or itches them. They have trouble swallowing, breathing and standing, even walking! That one POOR pup should not even be out in the sun at the beach!!!
These guys BETTER be loved! Humans(mis-)bred these unfortunate dogs on PURPOSE!
I used to laugh at them too, but this bunch is very SAD! The funniest ones are the RANDOM ugly animals. These are just plain pitiful.
They say that dogs look like their owners ... In this case, I HOPE that is true!
The world of dogdom NEEDS to quit encouraging the kind of breeding that produces so many miserable little animals!
BTW: I think the last dog is beautiful!

Kay said...

poor little things. :(
well said myshilohranch.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was ugly, hope for me yet. LOL

Anonymous said...

What the hell? Shot the damn things and put then out of their misery!!

Anonymous said...

Joder son feos de cojones

Anonymous said...

I thought all of them were pretty funny except for the lab(ish) puppy. That one actually made me a bit sad. Poor little guy! :C