Friday, May 21, 2010

50 Awesome Super Mario Cakes

The Super Mario birthday party theme has grown in popularity since the release of the Super Mario games on Wii. Many kids are requesting this party theme for their next birthday celebration.

The most popular cake designs for a Super Mario party include: tiered fondant cakes, a cake using a specialty cake pan, cupcake cakes, cookie cakes, cupcake towers, yellow star cake, 1up mushroom cake, mushroom cake & cupcakes, party cakes featuring Super Mario figures and a Princess Peach cake.

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50 Awesome Super Mario Cakes
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Joanna said...

Hey cool, my mario cake is there! THANKS!! :)

Anonymous said...

MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks soooo much for these kick ass pictures of cakes!!!

Unknown said...

Awesome cakes, and one to add to the gallery. I was at a party recently and the cake provided was amazing -
Super Mario characters galore! Picture of the cake here: