Tuesday, May 11, 2010

60 Freaking Awesome Animal Emotions

I think that animals change this world for better. Their emotions always make my heart melt! They do such hilarious “faces” that I start laughing and getting many other positive emotions myself.


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Mari said...

ROFL!!!! *rolling on floor*

Ok, now that I'm back in control, I want to thank you for these AWESOME pictures. Couldn't stop laughing! heh

I found your blog searching for zombie pictures, one of which I took the opportunity to use in a story that is coming up next Friday on my blog. I hope you don't mind? (I gave you full credit for it. :)

Btw, your blog is SO bookmarked!

Anonymous said...

The best collection of pics I have seen so far on this site!!

gih said...


hahah, whoever you are, you can see more photos that you can't stop laughing.

Damn Cool Pics said...

Thanks a lot to all for liking and appreciating the post.. :)