Friday, May 07, 2010

The Easiest Way to Change the Color of Your Car

If you are thinking about changing the color of your car, you might find this post useful. Take a look at how the vehicle is being “tuned” with German foil. There is no need to re-paint your vehicle when you can wrap it using a new technology designed by Foilacar. It’s very easy.

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Anonymous said...

That is awesome!! Do they have hot pink color?

Anonymous said...

how does it look after you drive it for a month or two?

Anonymous said...

I have done many of these sorts of vehicle wraps. The material is usually a 2 mil thick vinyl,( with a clean removable adhesive ) and a 2 mil thick glossy lamination. It is actually quite durable and even it gets scratched or nicked, you can easily patch the spot. I usually charge around $2400 - $2800 for a wrap, more or less depending on how complex the vehicle curves are.