Monday, May 24, 2010

The Items They Only Sell At Chinese Walmarts

You’ll be surprise to discover the 16 items that are sold by Wal-Marts in China only.


Bulk Rice

Mixed Meat

Orange Juice And Cooking Oil


Dont know what this is?

Walmart Brand Spirits ($0.15)

Rib Cages

Assorted Dried Reptiles

Boxes Of Liquor


A Large Selection Of Chopsticks


Great Value Brand Beef Granules

Pig Faces

Antibacterial Bikini Underwear For Men
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Anonymous said...

why does everything have to be so gross?

syazafall said...

the rice thingy actually are common in asia not just china. i live in malaysia, an its not a strange thing to see.same goes to the chopstick and the ornge juice

Anonymous said...

looks funny, but part of them are true, others don't, so just for fun :)

Anonymous said...

number 6 it's "Choriceras tricorne"
or in Portuguese chouriço.

Anonymous said...

looks like snake
either to me ^^