Friday, May 28, 2010

Julia Gnuse, the Most Tattooed Woman in the World

A 55-year-old US woman has broken the Guiness World Record to become the most tattooed woman.

Julia Gnuse got her first tattoo at the age of 35, steadily gaining more ink over the course of 20 years to see them occupy 95 percent of her body. All of Julia Gnuse’s tattoos were done by the same artists.

Miss Gnuse, started getting tattoos on her legs after developing a skin condition called porphyria, which causes the skin to blister when exposed to sunlight.

In an interview, Miss Gnuse said although the ink did not stop her skin from blistering, it covered up the scars and allowed her to be exposed to the sun.

Image Credit: Seth Wenig/AP
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Chavoslion said...

you would think she would at least get a decent artist to the the work.

Anonymous said...

she's also in the record book for "dumbest woman".

Anonymous said...

now that's UGLY !

Anonymous said...