Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Teapot Dome Gas Station in Zillah, Washington

This little gas station was built in 1922 by Jack Ainsworth as a commentary on the Teapot Dome scandal involving President Harding and a federal petroleum reserve in Wyoming. It is said to be the oldest gas station in use in the country. Read its unique history here.

It is no longer in use but some City of Zillah staff have formed a group called "Friends of the Teapot Association" and they are raising funds to relocate the structure closer to downtown and possibly convert it into a tourism information center. There, they say, "the Teapot could be watched and cared for in a way that respects the history and artistry for which it represents".

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Tim said...

There is also a coffee pot shaped building that houses a (what else?) coffee shop in Tacoma, WA. We also have the famous Hat and Boots gas station in south Seattle (giant hat over the pumps, the boots were the restrooms).

Damn Cool Pics said...

Thanks for the info Tim :)