Tuesday, May 11, 2010

“Yo-Yo Master” K-Strass

A man named Kenny Strasser or Kenny Strassburg has, in recent weeks, convinced five television stations in the Wisconsin area to put him on the air as a yo-yo master promoting charitable causes. But before they put him on the air, they didn’t bother to verify that these charities existed or that he knew to use a yo-yo:

His latest appearance occurred Thursday morning on KQTV’s “Hometown This Morning,” in St. Joseph, Mo.

“He got us,” said Bridget Blevins, the station’s news director. “I hate that we got duped.”

And how good was he with the yo-yo, a skill Strasser has said made him a champion? “He did some really lame things. He hit himself in the face and the groin with his yo-yo,” Blevins said.

For details read full JSonline article.
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