Monday, June 28, 2010

16 Epic Homemade Batmobile Remakes

Batman is a well-known fictional character who has many fans all over the world. Many of them dream about having a Batmobile, Batman’s vehicle. But some fans don’t just dream. They make their dreams come true by remaking their own cars that are supposed to look like the ones Batman could drive. Although all the vehicles are designed by fans who like the same idol, they still look pretty different.

Batmobile Corvette

Batmobile Go-Kart Vehicle

Batmobile Tumbler Mod

Batman’s Batpod Motorcycle

Batmobile Smart Car

Batman Batmobile Superbus

Lego Batmobile

Lego 1966 Batmobile BoxCar

Batmobile Tumbler PC Case Mod

Batman Forever Batmobile

VW Beetle Batmobile

Batmobile Car Mod

Worst Batmobile Remake
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