Tuesday, June 15, 2010

21 Celebrities that Got Fat

Here are 21 celebrities who got beat down by the ugly stick. Celebrities whom either ate themselves into an over weight jabba the hut or sadly did not age well. Fortunately for you fine folks, I'm here to exploit them for getting ugly!

Mariah Carey

Kristie Alley

Alec Baldwin

Britney Spears

Kelly LeBrock

Danielle Fishel

Rosie O'Donell

Janet Jackson

Tyra Banks

Mike Tyson

Kevin Smith

Kevin Federline

Kelly Clarkson

Steven Segal

John Travolta

Jessica Simpson

Hilary Duff

Elisha Cuthbert

Daniel Baldwin

Courtney Love

Val Kilmer
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rebecca said...

Well, this post is interesting. I think a better and more realistic title is, " Look at them now". I mean, not all of them are "fat" or unattractive at all. Many went from Anorexia to healthy and many simply aged. Alec Baldwin and Val Kilmer are still super hot! And H. Duff actually looks good not super skinny. Let's be real and realize that eating disorders and youth are not the beauty standards.

Anonymous said...

... ouch.

Nothing against fat people, but still.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with rebecca on the "Look at them now". Travola, Alec Baldwin, and Val are all in there 50's now, compared to pics of them in there early 20's. The k-fed pic made me drop my jaw though, did he really gain that much weight? Thats pathetic.

Louise b. said...

What rebecca said!

coulrophobic agnostic said...

Elisha Cuthbert didn't gain weight, she's wearing an oversized shapeless top. Look at how skinny her legs are.

Most of these men lost their "hot" bodies over the course of decades, and the women went from uber-skinny to not quite as skinny. Britney has a great body in that "fat" picture, as do Hilary and Tyra.

The only ones I would consider "fat" are Rosie O'Donnell and Kirstie Alley.

Anonymous said...

What about aretha franklin

Anonymous said...


All of these people went from being unrealistically thin and unhealthy to looking like the average person. If you believe that their previous body shapes were attained by good, old fashioned diet and exercise then you might need to look at things a little closer.

Rebecca is completely right; how thin and young someone is is NOT how people ought to be measuring beauty and to do so creates a cycle of low self esteem and percieved inferiority.

One day we will ALL age, battle weight problems, lose muscle mass and slowed metabolisms, barring premature death. To say that these people are now wholly unattractive is completely shallow and short-sighted.

Anonymous said...

Yes some of these people were also in Fantastic physical condition and just because you get older or hit your 50s doesn't mean hey I can allow myself to turn into a fat pile of shit just out of lazzyness and the sake of being "old" They should technically be very rich and have plenty of time and money on there hands to keep there bodies in decent condition while they age.. K fad was a lame pathetic pos as it was it doesn't suprise me at all that he turned into a fat pos slob

Eric Schiffer Fan said...

Hillary Duff is actually starting to slim down again...

Anonymous said...

You people havent seen Jon Oliva have ya?... him and his brother started Savatage (metal band) in the 80s. He was maybe 150lb wet. Google him and see whats happened now..... its a shame, but his voice only gets better and better as the years go by.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Smith has always been fat, and Courtney Love has always been ugly.

Anonymous said...

You do know that some of those famous women like mariah carey, brittney spears and hillary duff had babies, and if you know anything, having kids changes your body in a 360 turn so the baby grows and is born healthy.

Anonymous said...

Jessica Simpson is a straight piece of lard. That's probably not healthy in any way. And having a child isn't an excuse to become fat and give up on any efforts to take care of your body.

Lori Miller said...

I protest Courtney Love was never attractive.

Anonymous said...

Hilary Duff actually looks good with her curves that she now has. Hilary will always be beautiful.

Michael Bryner said...

Sorry, but fat is not healthy and to think it is, is very stupid. There is average and none went average. They passed it. There is way too thin like models, and then way too fat. None of those went normal. Even 5 or 10 lbs over there normal weight is too much. Saying they are normal to be overweight, is plain stupid.