Monday, June 28, 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo's 28 Hottest Girlfriends

The most expensive soccer player in the world Cristiano Ronaldo loves women. At the age of 24, Ronaldo already has a long list of girlfriends that is known to world. An advantage of being a famous footballer is to be able to impress and befriend almost every girl you want. In the past 8 years, he has been linked to no less than 28 women from around the world, together with American celebrities Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

Jordana Jardel – 2002

Karina Ferro – 2002

Daniele Aguiar – 2005

Isabel Figueir – 2005

Diana Chaves – 2006

Nuria Bermudez – 2006

Soraia Chaves – 2006

Merche Romero – 2006

Luciana Abreu – 2007

Gemma Atkinson – 2007

Bipasha Basu – 2007

Karina Bacchi – 2007

Carolina Patrocinio – 2007

Lucia Garcia – 2008

Maria Sharapova – 2008

Niki Ghazian – 2008

Tyese Cunningham – 2008

Nereida Gallardo – 2008

Mia Judaken – 2008

Imogen Thomas – 2008

Letizia Filippi – 2008

Alyona Haynes – 2008

Olivia Saunders – 2009

Gabriela Endringer – 2009

Luana Belletti – 2009

Paris Hilton – 2009

Raffaella Fico – 2009

Kim Kardashian - 2010
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Manoj Patil said...

Wow! These Beautiful women photos turn me on. Cause i don't have any he he..

donnyien said...

Oh my ghost so many gf of he!

John said...

Olivia Saunders? she looks worse than christiano himself

Anonymous said...

Half of the girls who are there weren't his girlfriends.
Some of them were nothing, and others like paris hilton, was only one night stand, nothing more

knjciusdiekjnsv said...

Just dumb footballers girlfriends

zororiver | babysitting games said...

someone just can't get enough ;)

Anonymous said...

sharapova also ?? my respects to cr7 .

Natalie said...

He is one lucky guy dating all these beautiful girls and models, what? Maria Sharapova? At least he had a great time.

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Anonymous said...

Oh please !!! I am not even impress, I can call them all different names, but "women " they are money and publicity hungry they can do anything for anything, and him ohhh well he's just looking to make his dick happy and to score something....I guest!!!!
No real women she will go out with him, he need a full medical test...first!!