Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Guy Sold Everything To Buy A $180k Lamborghini

Richard Jordan thought he had everything he needed: cars, new expensive house and a fiancée. Shortly after he proposed to her, she left him. So he found himself stuck with the house he didn’t want, in the area he didn’t want to be. He sold all of his possessions, took his life savings and bought a $180,000 Lamborghini Gallardo and went away to explore the country.

Jordan travelled across the country, living in motels, eating in diners and making new friends. "He'd cross the United States three times and make trips from Ohio to Colorado to Texas to North Carolina on just a night's rest." He was once even taken for Moby by a waitress in one of the bars because of his shaved head, glasses and an expensive car.

When you travel in one of the fastest super cars in the world, it means that you will go fast from time to time, which Jordan also did. In total, he has 53 tickets.

The car has run 91,807 miles, it is probably the world's most mileaged supercar. As the owners of cars like this, usually don’t drive them too often, only on weekends because they are that expensive. Jordan believes, when you own a car like this you should drive it to the fullest as a car serves precisely this purpose.

But after driving hard and all the miles, the timing chain let go and as Jordan spent all his money and savings on it, the bank refuses to give him another loan.

However, this is not the end of his adventure but the beginning of a new one. Now he’s planning to set a shop in Dallas to build custom motorcycles and superbikes. He thinks of changing the engine or to buy a new one for his Lambo when he’s got some money, but for now he put it in the office of his future bike shop.

Source: jalopnik
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M said...

Typical man!

venom of g0d said...

There's more life after that !! what is he going to do after the travel (and the car) ends !?!?

where is he going to live? He's going to sell that super used car in $1000 dolars !!

How is he paying the gas?

weird story... but i like it !!

Anonymous said...

Well if you stupid fuckers would read the story it says that he is going to be building bikes... holy shit why ask questions when all the answers are in the story.