Monday, July 12, 2010

10 Hottest Weather Girls Ever

Weather girls are such a tease. Reaching all over the place and pointing. You could put the TV on mute and still enjoy it. Check out the 10 hottest weather girls.

Mayte Carranco, Mexico

Sugey Abrego, Mexico

Jackie Guerrido, USA

Angie Gonzalez, Mexico

Elita Loresca, USA

Gaal Noemi, Hungary

Gabriela Grechi, Italy

Jackie Johnson, USA

Jill Nicolini, USA

Maria Quiban, USA

Mary Gamarra, USA (Telemundo)

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Anonymous said...

Canal plus used to have very hot chicks as well

tozsde tanfolyam said...

Gaal Noemi is always very well prepared and kind! She is the best, ever!

chris79 said...

Yeaah, they are really hot! I've found blog about Weather Girls - - there are hundreds of weather Girls

Mike Parker said...

Crystal Wicker from Indianapolis...If she would just show some of it off. I think she's top.

Camaro said...

Great, just great!

JoonasD6 said...

... FORTUNATELY in some countries these presenters actually have to be meteorologists and not just eye candy.

PAWG Who Loves said...

You left out
<a href=">Ginger Zee </a> She is brutally sexy, and cute.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...