Monday, July 26, 2010

17 Things You Should Know About DNA

Are you a living creature? Then, congratulations! You have DNA! That microscopic little building block of life that makes us all the same, but grants us with distinct differences. But for as common as DNA is, it can be a though subject to understand. Below are some of the facts to help you better understand the little bit of genetic coding that makes you, you!

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Source: onlineschools
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Ralf said...

Sorry to spoil the show, but this poster ist very unscientific nonsense.

1. It's not "phosphate atoms" but "phosphate ions" as "phosphate" is a charged molecule of phosphorus oxide, an ion.

2. The comparison of 1 megabase to 1 megabyte of data is misleading as a "base" can have just one out of four states (either A, T, C or G) whereas a (8 bit) "byte" can have 256 states.

3. Although the estimate of a 0.1 % DNA difference between every other humans sounds reasonable, this difference is not a consequence of gaining or losing nucleotides but rather the change of state of several "bases". Due to mutation an cytosine might be replaced by guanine during a faulty repair process. This does not mean that nucleotides are lost or gained.

4. It's ridiculous to think homo sapiens sapiens and homo neanderthalensis share just 1-4% of their DNA, as homo sapiens already has more that 80% of their DNA in common with most mammals. It's rather more likely that homo sapiens sapiens and homo neanderthalensis share more DNA than homo sapiens does with any primate still living on this planet.

It's a pity that a poster of that quality is used by

Damn Cool Pics said...

Thanks for the info Ralf..