Friday, July 09, 2010

Cheating Wife, Husband with Gun and Unlucky Lover

It's just a part of the game, but these installations look funny and dangerous. Seems like Russia. Husband comes home and finds his wife in bed with her lover.

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Anonymous said...

do you have to wear red shorts to play?

Zulfahmi said...

I guess so

Anonymous said...

this is pretty old. it was a photo competition on a Russian site. people had to recreate a situation with rules - cheating wife and lover getting caught by husband with gun, and the lover has to hang off a balcony while wearing red underwear.

Anonymous said...

the funny is all of them wear a red underwear...mmmmm looks sexy

Anonymous said...

Show when he gets shot in the ass !!!

Angelicka said...

I was cheated once by my ex bf (he is my ex since then hehehe). I was smart enough at that time to buy myself one of these software that track mobiles. I was suspicious already, but that day he told me a series of events that didn't really match together. So when he went for his supposedly meeting, I tracked him and located him in another part of the town.

So I went there thanks to that spy software, i knew the building because we went there a few times to some parties organized by one of his female colleague (married). I gave 50$ to the security to let me in saying i want to make a surprise to my friend. I got there, the apartment door was not even locked, the lusty bastard was probably too much in a rush to get laid, so I went in with my video on on my mobile and broke into the bedroom where he was just about to release his load in her mouth. He turned and released his load all over the place. They were very surprised indeed. And I caught it all on cam hahahaha!

Needless to say that he never saw me again after that day, despite the Gucci bag he sent me, a few pairs of shoes, bunches of roses, and even a nice necklace. I sold them all on eBay (except for the roses).

If you suspect your man to cheat on you, just be confident. Don't think too much. Act! Take things in hand, if you are interested in this tracking soft you can always check it out there: (and the funny thing: I bought it with his credit card at that time hahahaha!). I highly recommend it. Go to the "crime scene"make them understand that you are not a fool, and just turn the page.You will probably get some nice presents too but don't fall for that! You deserve them.

Feel free to contact me if you want more advice on that!