Monday, July 26, 2010

Money Grow on Trees in Australia

In an attempt to “wake up people’s lazy money”, RaboDirect, an Australian online bank sponsored a special experiment that fulfilled the financial fantasies of hundreds of passers-by – a real-life money tree. The event took place in one of Sydney’s park, where a tree was covered in $5 bills, from its lower branches to the top. People were secretly filmed, to see how they would react to such an unbelievable sight.

Believe it or not, the first 100 or so people who walked by the money tree flat out ignored it. Some of them didn’t even notice there was anything odd about the tree, a group of joggers was to busy running to stop and check it out, and passers-by who did stop to analyze it, just took some photos and left empty handed.

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Billetes de Australia said...

Well, I find it interesting ... I collect them but I prefer them in another way, haha! (Vaya, me parece interesante ... pero yo que los colecciono los prefiero de otro modo, jajaa!!)