Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Top 50 Most Desirable Arab Women of 2010

Here are pictures of top 50 most beautiful and desirable Arab celebrities. We have compiled this list with popularity, talent, charm, sense of style and most web searches of these Arab women. Feel free to let us know if you are agree with the rankings or not!

50. Marielle Beainy Tanios, Beautiful TV Presenter from Lebanon.

49. Waed, Beautiful Singer and Musician from Saudi Arabia.

48. Rania Sabeh, Model and Television presenter from Lebanon.

47. Afef Jnifen, a Showgirl, Model and TV Presenter from Tunisia.

46. Leila Bekhti, Movie and TV Actress from Algeria.

45. Arwa singer, Beautiful Singer from Yemen.

44. Anabella Hilal, Model and TV Actress from Lebanon.

43. Amina Kaddur, Supermodel of Algeria.

42. Myriam Benzerga, Very Beautiful Model from Algeria.

41. Manel Filali, Beautiful Singer from Yemen.

40. Zahia Dehar, Famous Celebrity of Algeria.

39. Wafaa Kilani, Television Presenter from Egypt.

38. Dana Halabi, Singer and TV Model from Kuwait.

37. Nadine Njeim, An Actress from Lebanon.

36. Yasmine Hamdan, Beautiful Singer from Syria.

35. Dima Sadek, Beautiful Television Personality of Lebanon.

34. Carole Samaha, Most Beautiful Singer from Lebanon.

33. Brigitte Yaghi, Young Singer from Lebanon.

32. Nadine Aghnatios, Television Host from Lebanon.

31. Karina Eid, a Beautiful Singer, Pianist, Music Arranger and Composer from Lebanon.

30. Madeleine Matar, Famous Pop Singer from Lebanon.

29. Maya Diab, A Singer from Lebanon.

28. Booby Julia, Model and Belly Dancer from Egypt.

27. Nicole Saba, Pop Singer and Actress from Lebanon.

26. Rania El Hussein also known as Ruby an Actress and Singer from Egypt.

25. Sofia Essaidi, Famous Singer from Morocco.

24. Nadine Labaki, a Dircetor and Actress from Lebanon.

23. Dominique Hourani, Beautiful Model and Singer from Lebanon.

22. Imane El Bani, Beautiful Model from Morocco.

21. Rima Fakih, Lebanese American Beauty who was crowned as Miss USA 2010.

20. Karima Adebibe, Cute Actress and Model from Morocco.

19. Nivine Nasr, Hot Singer from Egypt.

18. Rola Saad, Beautiful Arabic Model and Singer from Lebanon.

17. Lamitta Franjieh, Beautiful Catwalk Model from Lebanon.

16. Melissa, Famous Lebanese Arabic Pop Singer.

15. Shakira, World’s Most Famous Female Singer from Colombian, (Lebanese).

14. Amina Al Alam, Beautiful Model from Morocco.

13. Sandy Singer, Beautiful Egyptian Female Singer.

12. Myriam Fares, Arabic Pop Star from Lebanon.

11. Nawal El Zoghby, Famous Arabic Singer from Lebanon.

10. Miriam Clink, a Beautiful Model from Lebanon.

9. Amar singer, Beautiful Pop Singer from Lebanon.

8. Mona Abou Hamzeh, Beautiful TV presenter from Lebanon.

7. Amelia Zidane, Famous belly dancer from Algeria.

6. Nancy Ajram, Arabic Pop Singer from Lebanon.

5. Elissa, an award winning Arabic pop singer from Lebanon.

4. Cyrine Abdelnour, Lebanese actress, model and singer.

3. Rouwaida Attieh, Syrian Vocalist.

2. Hayfa Wehbeh, Most beautiful pop Singer from Lebanon.

1. Sofia El Marikh, an Arabic pop singer from Morocco.
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Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

it's pretty sad that muslims want to kill women like that. they prefer goats you see.

Elie said...

i am proud to be a lebanese
by the way not all arab are muslim
Lebanon has many religion :)

one thing to mention:
nadine njem was Miss lebanon 2007

Anonymous said...

I'd also like to nominate Queen Rania of Jordan!

Anonymous said...

fajne dupy

Anonymous said...

umm as far as I can see most of them are from Lebanon, lol

and as it was said Lebanon multi-religion country :p

so where are certificates that all are muslims ...

Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell, these particular women are so homely, they need to use a half-ton of makeup just to have a photo made. What does that say for Arab women? Post pics of REAL Arab women, if you want to show the world what they look like. I don't think these are a fair representation of "Desirable Arab Women of 2010".

Anonymous said...

22 tahraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

amelia said...

woooooow the most of them are from lebanon...really proud to be lebanese & btw nivine nasr is from lebanon, and about #4 it's gabrielle bou rached Miss Lebanon previously & an actress not nadine labaki :):)

Anonymous said...

Manel filali is from algeria ot yemen

Anonymous said...

Its sad to see that most of these women are fake; they have taken plastic surgery...Sad...Although they would be beautiful even without surgery..But its very common there in Lebanon. Greetings from Norway...

Anonymous said...

They are not the only women tht have had surgery.I can not be assd with idiots on here saying they should put up real Arab women on here coz these are plastered with makeup??what about all Hollywood and bollywoods desirable they too have a lot of makeup on and have had surgery Done, so sort out what you say before posting such stupid comments.

Anonymous said...

Nice Photo-shopped pictures, by the way I'm from the middle east and I can tell you all these woman are fake. American women are more real and even more beautiful from these plastic-face, bot-ox lovin', overdone make up freaks. Get real pics of real beautiful arabic women would ya. Instead of these magazine pics.

Anonymous said...

ya salam the first one this awful girl
wi chou ahla mine haifa , myriem klink , gabriell, elissa....
are you creasy or u think that we are stupid
et comme on dit " da wichaha ykawif"
as we know first criteria eyes she hasn't then the colour black ...etc

Anonymous said...

If Yasmine Hamdan was born in beirut, doesn't that make her Lebanese?

Anonymous said...

#31 should have been in the top 5

Anonymous said...

Moroccan and Algerian girls are natural beauties and skinny from god, the rest are ewwwwww! Middle eastern women are fat and disgustingly fake and the makeup is awful! Sofia is so gorgeous but they picked a bad picture of her, she's a natural beauty with or without makeup! The rest of them need 10lbs of foundation and 10 plastic surgeries + contacts + ugly makeup to leave the house!