Friday, July 16, 2010

UFO Over Chinese Airport

On July 9, 2010, an unexplained phenomenon appeared over the Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou, China, causing massive flight delays.

One comment:

What you are seeing is not a trail from the ground, but a trail over the horizon. It was not launched it was reentering. Its hard to gauge with no frame of reference, but it looks like it was huge and in really high orbit. For it to trail that far means it was either designed to survive reentry, or incredibly dense. You can see it drop part of its trail about halfway through, meaning it punched through a layer of atmosphere and pressure changed rapidly, or possibly it intentionaly slowed down, or that it dropped a part of its structure or broke up thus quickly changing size. I am inclined to believe it was an unintentional reentry, the Chinese are up to all kinds of crap, and historically their space launches and operations have always been over their own soil rather than over the ocean like the rest of the civilized world. There is no human technology I know of that can slow a man made object reentering that quickly, the shuttle circles the planet like 3 times to shave off speed.

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Beboy said...

There is no UFO it is an invention that we can not recognized

KallAngo® said...

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jobsearch said...

I don't believe in UFO's myself. I don't think they ever existed.

John said...

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UFOMan said...

i think people forget what UFO stands for - Unidentified Flying Objects... if you cant identify it... its an UFO


on the other hand ... some people dont believe in aliens and space ships etc...its just irrational to believe that out of this massive universe that we are the only sentinel being out there etc... but hey everyone has the right to believe what they want.

Unknown said...

Looks like a rocket launch to me. The discontinuity is when it staged. No mystery here.