Friday, July 02, 2010

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's Insanly Beautiful Palace

This Mansion is in Harare and belongs to the President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe. The most unusual thing is that Zimbabwe is a poor country. Life expectancy declined from 60 to 37 years for males, 34 years for females, the lowest in the world. 1.8 Million Zimbabweans live with HIV and receive no treatment as the health system has collapsed. Inflation is the highest in the world and now stands at 231,000,000%. Prices double every 1.3 days. 80% of the population is unemployed. Corruption is so blatant that money contributed for humanitarian projects is regularly confiscated by the Government for its private usage. Due to the complete lack of interest by the government and the hunger of its people 60% of Zimbabwe’s wildlife has died since 2000.

The saddest thing is that the government doesn’t care about its people and their problems, but the President feels ok about spending £3.75 millions on his palace while people starve.

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bruce said...


So what? This just shows Mugabe is a man of taste and style. The US president also lives in a Palace (white house) as does the French President among others. But white Europeans are trying to take Mugabe down and besmirch him.

Now Bush is out though and some good Democrats and former Democrats like Cynthia McKinney defend Mr.Mugabe against neo-liberal imperialists.

Anonymous said...

i think bruce is a prick.
president mugabe surrounds himself with beautiful things i agree, but that is only because the rest of the citizens in zimbabwe are living in squalor, starving with no electricity and hardly any running water, unsatisfactory schools and no medical help.
He should not be president as he is greedy and has no morals.

Anonymous said...

this isn't actually his house.

Anonymous said...

this is his house...

Unknown said...

Hey Bruce ,well listen Mugabe is a dictator he is just exploiting his own people and he is a traitor to his own people ,well if this insane motherfucker shitty sucker ,wants to others to starve, and live a luxurious life in a palace then just depose this shitty sucker ,he is an enemy to his own people and the world ,,,,the united States will soon take action against this sucker and make him pay ,,sure you wanna fuck ght united States ,we don't like Mugabe at all ,not becoz I am a white man but he is no good to the blacks too