Monday, August 16, 2010

25 Insane Scarification Tattoos

When artists and cutters collide, the result is bloody and occasionally adorable.

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Anonymous said...

So, I like tattoos. And some of the designs here are pretty cool.
But then you lean in and realise that the 'red ink' is in fact cut flesh.
Nope, this is horrific.
It's not tribal, this is Caucasian folks looking to do self harm and display it as 'art'
Modern folk... suicide by degrees.

Anonymous said...

dicen que estamos locos Lucas

Colin said...

While you may not regard this as tribal (which is a valid argument though for different reasons than you stated - Namely the chances of any of the caucasian practicers being from a tribe, being slim to none)

it is however practiced in tribal communities, and it being horrific is merely your personal opinion on the matter. I agree it is intense, and the decorative use of scarification is a very extreme form of body modification. In the tribal setting however, the scars have meaning, as one must be tough to endure the process, and the scars provide identification marks. in much the same way Maori tatoos would.

We in the west just have a tendancy to take everythig to the extreme.