Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Artifacts from the Future

"Artifacts from the Future" are about objects or devices, supposedly used in future (in 1 or 10 or 100 years). Some fantastics photoshopped objects of the future are created by common efforts of the editors and readers. Could be even more interesting to look and compare in 20 or 30-year time.

Bumper Stickers of 2018

Fridge Display Forecasts Apocalypse, Mold

Wall Street 2013. The logo of the New York Stock Exchange is written in English and Chinese.

A Happy Meal lunch spread in 2013.

Rehab Center From the Future.

A typical cubicle in 2013.

Truck Stops

Child Safety Device

Chewing Gum

Birth Control

Online Dating Site

Grow-a-Nanoraptor, a 2026's version of the educational pet Grow-a-Frog.

Motorola, taking Bluetooth to a whole new level

Genetic engineered dog vending machine

Calorie burning Coke with negative calories

Home robotics medical unit

Clone reunions tend to all be alike

Adopt-an-orbit space cleanup missions

Traffic tickets will give you the option to go to court instantly

Vat grown Vulcan ears give that added realism to Halloween

“Mirror mirror on the wall, what the hell is wrong with me today?”

Insurance companies will have all the bases covered

The Ronco Meat-o-Matic is a product no kitchen should be without

Pizzamatos are just one reason why you should invest in Monsanto

The new Wal-Mart product maker will make Christmas and birthday shopping sooooo much easier

Able to kill nano-bugs from 10 miles away

Responsibeer. For those times when your beer knows more than you do

Dream inducers designed to enhance those middle of the night experiences

Smart diapers are not only a good ideas, they are now the law

Driving becomes secondary to the information experience of smart windshields

Finally, an elevator where the word “up” is followed by the phrase “how high?”

Let your machine do your pre-tasting for you

The Wine Spectrometer is one gadget no self-respecting wine drinker should be without

Books with their finger on the pulse of the future
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