Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tila Tequila Attacked at Rowdy Concert

Tila Tequila was attacked brutally at Rowdy concert. According to a interview of Tila Tequila to TMZ ,she said that when she went onstage at the gathering of the Juggalos in illinios, immediately she was attacked by the corwd with huge stones and beer bottles.

Tila Tequila had wounds on her eyes and even she burnt her hair as fire crackers were thrown to her in the stage.They even threw piss and sh*t at her .The TMZ broadcast the picture of her wounded face to describe how brutally she was attacked but till now the reason is yet to reveal.

Source: TMZ
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

attention whore. faked all that shit.

Unknown said...

Stupid ass deserved it!
Why go to the Gathering of the Juggalos, Go onstage and not expect anything to get thrown at you?!
I went last year and I was hit by 2 liter bottles and cans of faygo.
It happens at every concert and event but is expected. Dumbass should have looked up what she was getting herself into in the first place. She's not Juggalette.

Lena said...

Throwing things at people, hitting them, causing injuries.. its Illegal, Immoral and anyone that accepts this behavior or promotes it needs to be restrained (period).

there is no excuse for this.

Anonymous said...

Why would you go where you don't belong?

Anonymous said...

I don't know which is more pathetic: the Gathering of the Juggalos or this publicity whore for being there. Either way, they're both pieces of shit. ICP and all of their sad loser following are a bunch of idiots.

Anonymous said...

yea i talked to the medic that treated her she fails to mention all the bullshit she said then like "Rhianna aint got shit on me" sound like a attention wantin whore? i think so.

Anonymous said...

who would want to go to a festival venue where the security is so lame and the participants so violent that even the folks on stage aren't protected? Concert-goers who like that scene should go join a commune and beat each other up until they are happy. Whoever was in charge of security needs a brain transplant.