Tuesday, September 28, 2010

35 Kit Kat Varieties From Around The World

These Kit Kat candy bars are from several countries around the world and mostly from Japan. There is something for every person with a sweet tooth here.

Bubblegum Kit Kat (Japan)

Strawberry Kit Kat (Japan)

Candied Sweet Potato Kit Kat (Japan)

Apple Vinegar Kit Kat (Japan)

Sweet Corn Kit Kat (Japan)

Watermelon & Salt Kit Kat (Japan)

Potato Kit Kat (Japan)

Salt & Caramel Kit Kat (Japan)

Muscat of Alexandria Grapes Kit Kat (Japan)

Toasted Soy Flour Kit Kat (Japan)

Pumpkin Kit Kat (Japan)

Green Tea Kit Kat (Japan)

White Chocolate Espresso Kit Kat (Japan)

Apple Kit Kat (Japan)

Red Beak Soup Kit Kat (Japan)

Caramel Macchiato Kit Kat (Japan)

Pineapple Kit Kat (Japan)

Chestnut Kit Kat (Japan)

Blood Orange Kit Kat (Japan)

Cantaloupe Kit Kat (Japan)

Kinako Ohagi Kit Kat (Japan)

Black Sugar Kit Kat (Japan)

Cookie Dough Kit Kat (Australia)

Cookies & Cream Kit Kat (Australia)

Ginger Ale Kit Kat (Japan)

Mango Kit Kat (Japan)

Royal Milk Tea Kit Kat (UK)

Blueberry Cheesecake Kit Kat (Japan)

Banana Kit Kat (Canada)

Caramac Kit Kat (UK)

Soy Sauce Kit Kat (Japan)

Veggie Kit Kat (Japan)

Honeycomb Kit Kat (Australia)

Fruit Parfait Kit Kat (Japan)

Tiramisu Kit Kat (UK)
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Anonymous said...

You forgot Wasabi Kit-kat (Japan.)

Magpie said...

The Green Tea Kitkat is repulsive.

There's a cherry blossom Kitkat from around the same time which was very nice though

Anonymous said...

It's red bean not red beak.

Anonymous said...

and maccha misu next to the tiramisu :D

Anonymous said...

Cookie dough kit kat was ace, but hasn't been on the shelves in Queensland (Au) for some time now alas.

Tina said...

The first one isn't bubble gum. It's Ramune, a carbonated soft drink with a marble in the bottle.