Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Biggest Dollar Bills in History: $500 to $100000

1. The $500 Dollar Bill

Yes, it may be hard to believe but the U.S. government did print $500 dollar bills for the general public at one point in history. This specific $500 dollar bill was printed in 1928 and features a portrait of the twenty- fifth President William McKinley. Today, there are very few of these $500 bills left. Nowadays they are collectors’ items and sell for thousands. The funny thing is that they still could be used in stores today, because by law they are still U.S. currency. If you are interested in buying $500 bills you can find them for sale online.

2. The $1,000 Dollar Bill

The United States government also printed $1,000 dollar bills which circulated in the American general public. This specific $1,000 dollar bill was printed in 1928 and has the portrait of the twenty-fourth president Grover Cleveland printed on. The $1,000 dollar bills are also collectors’ items and can be found for sale online. The 1,000 dollar bill and all bills over $100 were printed until 1946 before they were discontinued. They then were then allowed to circulate in the general public until 1969 were they were recalled. The only remaining $1,000 dollar bills are the ones that were not turned in on the recall. There are very few bills left and are all worth thousands of dollars.

3. The $5,000 Dollar Bill

The United States government also printed a $5,000 dollar bill which circulated in the American general public until 1969 when it was recalled. This specific $5,000 dollar bill was printed in 1934 and contains the portrait of the fourth president of the United States James Madison printed on it. There are less then five hundred $5,000 bills remaining in the world and if you are looking to buy one, check online. This site has very many old dollar bills that are for sale and is a dream website for any modern day collector.

4. The 10,000 Dollar Bill

The $10,000 dollar bill was the largest of all dollar bills that was printed and circulated in the American general public. This specific dollar bill was printed in 1934 and contains the portrait of U.S. Treasury Secretary Chase printed on it. These bills were also recalled in 1969 and very few are still around today. The $10,000 dollar bill is also a collectible and can be bought online. But don’t expect one of these babies to come cheap, be ready to leave a dent in your wallet and fork out over 10 grand. If I were I wouldn’t spend one of these in a store. These bills would only be for the hardcore collectors.

5. The 100,000 Dollar Bill

The $100,000 dollar bill is actually not a dollar bill at all, it’s a gold certificate. What’s a gold certificate? Well a gold certificate is money that the government prints that only they can own and use. It is intended for only the use in Fiscal Channels. They were never issued or used for general circulation. This specific gold certificate was printed in 1934 and has the 28th president, Woodrow Wilson’s portrait on it. There were only 42,000 $100,000 dollar certificates printed and the only ones around today are not for sale and are used for educational purposes only. The few remaining undestroyed $100,000 certificates are institutionalized today and may be seen only in some museums.
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Anonymous said...

devaluation of currency........

Anonymous said...

nice post. I knew about the $1,000 bill, but not the rest :)

Anonymous said...

We need a TRILLION dollar bill with no other than his majesty Lord Barak's smug mug, nose held high in the air. When printed will take a couple of 'em to buy a loaf of bread. Zimbabwe anybody?

Anonymous said...

Fractional banking is a giant ponzi scheme, that makes abe madolph look like nothing. Good books to read that tells the real truth about modern fractional banking are, The Creature from Jekyll Island, written by G. Edward Griffin. American Lion, written by Jon Meacham, it tells about president Andrew Jackson's battles with Nicholas Biddle, the top central banker in the 1830's
Jackson's famous quote "The Bank is trying to kill me," "but I will kill it." And he did. jlfawhisker. He didn't really kill it for good, because in 1913 the Federal Reserve Act was past by the polliticians, and they have almost full control over all the money in the world.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Federal Reserve printed money, and from what I understand, they are a private agency hired by the government.

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currency collector said...

Thanks so much for this post! I love your blog, keep up the awesome work here!

Michael Roberts said...

I want one of each that would b awesome for my coin and currency collection