Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Everyday Life in Greenland

Greenland is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark. It's the 13th largest country by area but it has the population of only 56,000 people. Here are very interesting photos made by a Norwegian photographer Andrea Gjestvang that illustrate the everyday life of Greenland.

Hansigne Thomassen will clean and prepare the husband has brought home, in Aappilattoq, a village on the west coast.


The northem lights as seen in Isortoq, a small settlement on the east coast.

Murphy`s Dar in Ilulissat.

At home in Isortoq.

A soccer match in Aappilattoq.

Watching from a classroom as a helicopter arrives in SiorapaLuk, Greenland`s northernmost settlement.

Seals in Isortoq.

Seal hearts are said to be nutritious and a traditional treat after a successful hunt.

Otto Simigaq prepares for a long journey to visit family members in Siorapaluk.

In Ikerasak.

Children fishing on the ice in the aftemoon in Siorapaluk.

Dines carved a swastika into his upper arm out of boredom.

At a community center party in Aappilattoq.

Nikolai exercises to keep in shape and ward off depression.

Tove dropped out of school and moved to her boyfiend`s village after becomming pregnant.

A birthday party in Siorapaluk.

In Qaanaaq.
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Anonymous said...

What's for breakfast?


What's for lunch?


What's for dinner?


What's for holiday dinner?

Seal stuffed with seal gizzards.

What's for Christmas dinner?

Seal ham with seal sauce and seal cookies for dessert.

What's for lunch the day AFTER Christmas?

Shredded seal ham on top of seal sauce & leftover seal cookies.