Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Keanu Reeves Birthday

Keanu Reeves celebrated his birthday on September 2 in New York. This is where paparazzi caught him and made new pictures that look kind of sad. Street curb, cake with a (birthday) candle and random passersby is what you can mostly see. I guess it’s time for another set of save-Keanu ads.

Still you can notice that Keanu looks great and neat without beard. There have been rumors that Reeves might get a role in the next part of the franchise Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures. Maybe he is just preparing himself for this?

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Keanu, his cake and other men

Another guest in a pink T-shirt

Let’s take a closer look

It seems that pink T-shirts haunt Keanu

This guy wants something from our famous actor

Does he share his music with Reeves?

Somebody is probably saying Happy Birthday to Keanu via cell phone

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