Friday, September 17, 2010

Marvel vs. Disney

As soon as the news broke in late August that Disney had acquired Marvel for $4 billion, a fiery debate began amongst fans spread across the Internet. Would this negatively affect Marvel-based movies? Would Disney get their grubby hands on our most beloved characters, oversimplifying and packaging them for legions of idiotic tweens? And for God’s sake – would the Jonas Brothers take on the roles of three of the Fantastic Four (with Miley Cyrus replacing Jessica Alba), and thereby improve upon the previous film?

So many questions are still unanswered, but one thing is clear: both Disney and Marvel have created some giant blockbusters over the years. Combining the two will most certainly bring in a bunch of cash. We thought it’d be interesting to take a look back at some history of the two companies, so we compiled data from their recent films, taking into account box office data, budget, and Rotten Tomatoes reviews for each film. The result? Marvel beats Disney in average box office every year they made a film since 1998. You can take a look at the details in the graphic below.

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Source: moviefill
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