Thursday, September 16, 2010

Unusual Computer Mouse Designs

Creative and unusual computer mouse designs from all over the world.

LG Finger Mouse

Slim Mouse

Mogo Mouse

Ring Mouse

G9 Laser Mouse

Skype Phone Mouse

Logitech Air Mouse

EzKey Keypad Mouse

Sidewinder Gaming Mouse

3D Navigational Mouse

N30 Game Mouse

Gun Mouse

NES Gamepad Mouse

Belkin Hybrid Mouse

Fanatec Headshot Uber Mouse

Anti-Bacterial Mouse

Tablet Mouse

Acryclic Mouse

MUS2 Mouse

Heart Mouse

Natural Laser Mouse

Powerball Mouse

Horror Mouse

Real USB Mouse
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Anonymous said...

You Know the Nostromo isn't even a mouse, but a "speedpad". It's just basically a keyboard extension for gaming. It mimics some of the actions as a mouse, well, just the scroll wheel, but you can't click or move the cursor with it unless you would slave the d-pad to it.

Anonymous said...

Nice mouse designs. Thanks.

Soendoro Soetanto

Unknown said...

it's good