Monday, October 18, 2010

26 Worst Male Tramp Stamps

What`s wrong with these guys? Daddy issues? Mad at the world? What?

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Tim said...

Hmmm...either their confused about what tramp stamps are for or I am.

Is a tramp stamp done with a sharpie considered tramp graffiti?

I can't quite grasp the idea of getting a tattoo in a place you can't see.

Anonymous said...


A new specification to the douche category..

Anonymous said...

They must be either gay or douche kings... same thing?

Rather Dashing said...

Any male tramp stamp is a fail. Making the statement "Worst Male Tramp Stamps" redundant.

Annie34 said...

what would make a man get a tramp stamp it look sooo sooo stupid guys ..seriously

Anonymous said...

Y'all are a bunch of HOMOPHOBES! ok, yes, some guys with bad tramp stamps are douchy, but if its ok for a girl to have a tramp stamp, then its ok for guys, especially gays, to have them as well. please, think of why you searched for this blog in the first place, re-evaluate your morals and ideas of personal self-expression,and then shut your mouths. thank you.

Andrew said...

You know, I get it if a gay man has a tramp stamp... but when straight guys get one... it makes me wonder what they are thinking.

Anonymous said...

Seriously?? Used to be if a man had an earring he was gay. If women had tattoos they were gay. Men are pierced over their entire bodies now. I see women with full sleeve tats, etc. It's body art. A form of expression. And WHERE the ink goes should have absolutely no bearing. You all sound like second graders. A nice tat is STILL a nice tat no matter where it is. I'd rather see a really nice 'tramp stamp' on a guy than some ridiculous cartoon character on his arm or calf. Get over yourselves already.

Anonymous said...

im a guy, i have a tramp stamp.. i take care of my body.. my lady loves it.. its all good..

Anonymous said...

well said..:-)

Anonymous said...

Lol sexy

Matt said...

PEOPLE! Get over yourselves! Men are going to get lower back tattoos (Tramp Stamps), I'm planning on getting one! You can't stop them, or me! It's their choice, not yours!

Um, besides, this is America, Jack! It's a free country! Since when did this country become the Soviet Union?

People who truly hate us and America are trying to kill us, there are people raping and killing children, people are cheating one one another, abusing one another, discriminating against people for whatever and you're worried about some guy sporting a lower back tattoo (Tramp Stamp)? GROW UP! There's a whole lot worse things these Men could be doing!

Matt said...

BTW, a lower back tattoo doesn't make a man gay, it may in fact make him more of a man by not letting other people pressure him into not doing what he wants to do! That's a true Alpha male! They do what they want!

Anonymous said...

Lol I have one... I don't love it.. but I drew it so I love it and it's meaning.. and when I got it in 99' there was no such term.. that term started and I thought "Ut Ohhh" lol BUT no shame in my game.. is what it is and I'm straight as an arrow. Who knows... Maybe it'll come back.. probably not, but ya NEVER know! Haha