Monday, October 18, 2010

26 Worst Male Tramp Stamps

What`s wrong with these guys? Daddy issues? Mad at the world? What?

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Tim said...

Hmmm...either their confused about what tramp stamps are for or I am.

Is a tramp stamp done with a sharpie considered tramp graffiti?

I can't quite grasp the idea of getting a tattoo in a place you can't see.

Anonymous said...


A new specification to the douche category..

Anonymous said...

They must be either gay or douche kings... same thing?

Rather Dashing said...

Any male tramp stamp is a fail. Making the statement "Worst Male Tramp Stamps" redundant.

Annie34 said...

what would make a man get a tramp stamp it look sooo sooo stupid guys ..seriously

Anonymous said...

Y'all are a bunch of HOMOPHOBES! ok, yes, some guys with bad tramp stamps are douchy, but if its ok for a girl to have a tramp stamp, then its ok for guys, especially gays, to have them as well. please, think of why you searched for this blog in the first place, re-evaluate your morals and ideas of personal self-expression,and then shut your mouths. thank you.

Andrew said...

You know, I get it if a gay man has a tramp stamp... but when straight guys get one... it makes me wonder what they are thinking.

Anonymous said...

Seriously?? Used to be if a man had an earring he was gay. If women had tattoos they were gay. Men are pierced over their entire bodies now. I see women with full sleeve tats, etc. It's body art. A form of expression. And WHERE the ink goes should have absolutely no bearing. You all sound like second graders. A nice tat is STILL a nice tat no matter where it is. I'd rather see a really nice 'tramp stamp' on a guy than some ridiculous cartoon character on his arm or calf. Get over yourselves already.

Anonymous said...

im a guy, i have a tramp stamp.. i take care of my body.. my lady loves it.. its all good..

Anonymous said...

well said..:-)

Anonymous said...

Lol sexy